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Convert values of a categorical cover scale to percentage values.

This function requires as input a coverconvert object which contains the conversion tables.

In the case of vegtable objects, the conversion is already embedded in the slot coverconvert.

Three rules are implemented for transformation, either top (values transformed to the top of the range), middle (transformation at the midpoint), and bottom (conversion at the lowest value of the range). In the later case, transformation ranges starting at 0% of cover can be set to a different value by the argument zeroto.

When replace=FALSE, existing values of cover in the vegtable object will be maintained. Since there is not a standard naming of cover values, in the transformation the name of cover variable should be indicated in the argument to.


transform(x, ...)



Further arguments passed from or to other methods.

_data, x

Either a factor or character vector, or a vegtable object.


An object of class vegtable.


Scale name of values in x as character value.


Name of the column in slot samples for writing converted values.


Logical value indicating whether existing cover values should be replaced or not.


Rule applied for the conversion (see details).


Value used to replace levels with bottom at 0% cover.


Either a vector or a vegtable object.


Miguel Alvarez