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This function is a wrapper of rmarkdown::render() and will also work with file names but also enables the possibility of rendering from objects created by write_rmd().


render_rmd(input, ...)

# S3 method for character
render_rmd(input, ...)

# S3 method for rmd_doc
render_rmd(input, output_file, delete_rmd = TRUE, ...)



Either a character value indicating the path and the name of the r-markdown file, or an object of class rmd_doc, written by write_rmd().


Further parameters passed to rmarkdown::render().


A character value indicating the name of the output file. This argument is passed to rmarkdown::render(). Note that the argument only contains the name of the file without extension and can only be written at the working directory.


A logical value idicating whether the temporary Rmd file should be deleted or not. If not, the file gets the same name as the rendered file.


if (FALSE) {
## copy example to your working directory
filename <- "taxlistjourney.Rmd"
file.copy(from = file.path(path.package("yamlme"), filename), to = filename)

## Render the file with rmarkdown::render()
render_rmd(filename, output_file = "example")

## Render the file with yamlme
text_document <- read_rmd(filename)

text_document <- update(text_document,
  title = "my title", author = "my name",
  output = "html_document"

render_rmd(text_document, output_file = "example2")