SWEA-Dataveg: A vegetation-plot database for Africa

database vegetation

A collection of vegetation-plots from Africa, originally focused on wetland vegetation from Eastern Africa, it is currently expanded to other areas and considering any kind of vegetation.

Miguel Alvarez https://kamapu.github.io/

Vegetation-plot data from Eastern Africa and abroad

GIVD version

The database SWEA-Dataveg is formatted in PostgreSQL, including the extension PostGIS. For data exchange (after a respective agreement with the custodian), objects of class vegtable will be preferred.

SWEA-Dataveg contains currently records from 5,552 plot observations that are provided by 47 sources. Most of those sources are works published either as journal articles or monographs.

The oldest record was done in 07-07-1937, while the newest record is from 17-02-2020.