A journey in rOpenSci

conference R

A brief account of the experiences gained after a bit more than 2 years review process of the package taxlist for its submission to rOpenSci. This journey resulted on new tools learned and new friends. The talk was presented at LatinR 2020 (virtual meeting).

Miguel Alvarez https://kamapu.github.io/

After a long review process, where a lot of improvements have been implemented, the package taxlist managed to be accepted in rOpenSci. The package taxllist handles taxonomic lists as S4 objects in R. Such objects can be used as modules within data sets of biodiversity records as in the package vegtable.

In a brief talk a summary of the experiences during the process of submission to rOpenSci was presented in the context of the conference LatinR 2020. Here you can access to the slides and the video of the presentation.