vegtable: An R object for vegetation-plot data sets

R vegetation

The package vegtable defines the homonymous object class and functions (methods) for handling vegetation-plot data sets in R. Within its slots, taxonomic lists are formatted as taxlist objects. This is a brief account about a presentation of vegtable and taxlist at the Marsaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic). The presentation includes a brief introduction to the structure of vegtable objects and functions.

Miguel Alvarez

This was a presentation about the basics of the packages vegtable and taxlist.

These packages can be installed either from CRAN (last release) or GitHub (last development version).

## Installing from CRAN
install.packages("vegtable", dependencies=TRUE)

## Installing from GitHub
install_github("ropensci/taxlist", build_vignettes=TRUE)

The vignette installed for taxlist can be opened by calling it at the R-console.



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