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Installing yamlme

You can install the last release from CRAN

install.packages("yamlme", dependencies = TRUE)

or the current development version from GitHub, using the package devtools:

install_github("kamapu/yamlme", build_vignettes = TRUE)

After installing the package have to be loaded in the current R-session.

Create a document

This package aims to save documents with their respective settings (yaml-head) in R-objects.

my_document <- list(
    title = "Mi First Document",
    author = "My Name",
    output = "html_document",
    body = txt_body(
        "# Starting a working day",
        "At the beginning of every day I will do:",
        "- Say everyone \"Good morning!\"",
        "- Start the coffe mashine",
        "- Start the computer",
        "- Read mails"))
my_document <- as(my_document, "rmd_doc")
#> ---
#> title: Mi First Document
#> author: My Name
#> output: html_document
#> ---
#> # Starting a working day
#> At the beginning of every day I will do:
#> - Say everyone "Good morning!"
#> - Start the coffe mashine
#> - Start the computer
#> - Read mails

By this way it is possible to produce documents from plain R-code. This document can be then rendered by the function render_rmd().

render_rmd(input = my_document)

For more details, take a look on the vignette.


Similar packages

The package ymlthis is targeting the same tasks but using a different approach for it.

The most important dependencies of yamlme are yaml and rmarkdown.