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A collection of automatic documents using the package yamlme.


To install the development version, use the package remotes:


Get ready in advance

Before you use this package, you need to know the structure of objects defined as classes taxlist and vegtable. For the first case you can take a look into the article written by Alvarez & Luebert (2018).

Next to it, you may need experience working with rmarkdown and perhaps LaTeX and knitr, as well. They will be here implemented by the package yamlme.


Taxonomic checklist

Here an automatic checklist using the example data set released in the package taxlist (called Easplist).


checklist(Easplist, output_file = "ea-checklist", exclude = "family",
    prefix = c(family = "# "), output = "html_document", alphabetic = TRUE)

With the option 'exclude = "family"' you prevent family names to be formatted in italics. With the option 'prefix = c(family = "# ")' you add a markdown command to set families as sections in the document. With the option 'output = "html_document"' we set the output as a HTML document instead of the default PDF.

Check the output here.