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Insert a new variable in slot header with a respective table at slot relations. The respective variable in header will be set as factor.

Existing categorical variables can also be set as relations. If such variables are factors, its levels can be preserved (missing argument in 'levels') or reset.


new_relation(object, ...)

# S3 method for vegtable
new_relation(object, relation, levels, ...)

new_relation(object, levels) <- value

# S4 method for vegtable,character,character
new_relation(object, levels) <- value

# S4 method for vegtable,missing,character
new_relation(object) <- value



A vegtable object.


Further arguments passed among methods.

relation, value

A character value indicating the name of the new relation. The parameter 'value' is used for the replacement method


A character vector with the levels for the inserted factor. This may be missing for variables that already exist in slot header.


A vegtable object with the inserted new relation.


## A brand new variable
new_relation(Kenya_veg, levels = c("forest", "grassland", "cropland")) <- "land_use"

## Set an existing variable as relation
new_relation(Kenya_veg) <- "REMARKS"