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All functions

`$`(<vegtable>) `$<-`(<vegtable>,<ANY>) `$`(<coverconvert>) `[`(<coverconvert>) `$<-`(<coverconvert>,<coverconvert>) `[`(<vegtable>) `[<-`(<vegtable>)
Select or replace elements in objects
Vegetation-plots from Kenya
Vegetation-plots from Tanzania
add_releves() `add_releves<-`()
Merge relevés from data frames into vegtable objects
Conversion of aspect classes to azimuth
Conversion of Braun-Blanquet codes to cover percentage
clean_once() clean(<vegtable>)
Clean orphaned records in vegtable object
as.list(<vegtable>) `as<-`(<vegtable>) as.list(<coverconvert>) `as<-`(<coverconvert>)
Coerce objects to lists
count_taxa(<vegtable>,<missing>) count_taxa(<formula>,<vegtable>) `count_taxa<-`()
Count taxa included in vegtable objects
cover_trans(<character>,<coverconvert>) cover_trans(<factor>,<coverconvert>) cover_trans(<numeric>,<coverconvert>) cover_trans(<vegtable>,<missing>)
Convert cover scales to percent cover
coverconvert coverconvert-class
Cover conversion tables
crosstable() cross2db()
Generating cross tables from database lists
Create coverconvert objects
Convert a data frame into a vegtable object.
Dutch dune meadows as vegtable
header() `header<-`()
Retrieve or replace slot header in vegtable objects
Add information from slot 'layers' into slot 'samples'
set_group() set_pseudo() set_formula() make_cocktail()
Produce a Cocktail classification
names(<vegtable>) dimnames(<vegtable>) names(<coverconvert>) `names<-`(<coverconvert>)
Retrieve names of vegtable and coverconvert objects
new_relation() `new_relation<-`()
Insert a new variable as relation in vegtable object
Insert variables from relations into header
shaker-class shaker
Class containing Cocktail algorithms.
Subset functions for vegtable objects
summary(<vegtable>) summary(<coverconvert>) summary(<shaker>) show(<vegtable>) print(<vegtable>) show(<coverconvert>) print(<coverconvert>) show(<shaker>) print(<shaker>)
Summary method for vegtable objects
Insert taxon information into samples
trait_stats() trait_proportion()
Statistics and proportion for taxon traits
tv2vegtable() tv2coverconvert()
Import of vegetation data from Turboveg databases
Update by determined specimens
used_synonyms() used_concepts()
Retrieve synonyms or taxon concepts used in a data set
veg_aggregate veg_aggregate,formula,vegtable,function-method
Aggregating information into a data frame
shannon() evenness() dominance() simpson() richness() veg_diversity()
Calculation of statistics at plot level
veg_relation() `veg_relation<-`()
Retrieve or replace relations in vegtable objects
vegtable-class vegtable
Class vegtable.
General statistics from vegtable objects
write_juice() read_juice()
Exporting tables for Juice